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How Rihanna Dominated the Last Decade

From the first moment she appeared in the spotlight, it was possible to see that Rihanna wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. Her unapologetic ways and willingness to take risks was mesmerizing for such a young artist and, year after year, she proved that she would be able to reinvent herself as many times as she wanted to. It was all about her. Started her career in 2015, with the release of the single Pon De Replay and fast forward to 2009, she had already let go of her innocent image and transformed herself into an independent and grown woman.

Before the first year of the decade was even over, Rihanna ended the Rated R season and, on November 12, released the album Loud. Composed with 11 tracks, it remains one of the best known albums among the public, including hits such as Only Girl and What's My Name. The young singer freed herself from her rebellious and rocker image and adopted the iconic red hair, for which she is still remembered today. Although it was not adored by everyone, the radical change of the singer helped her to become the center of attention and the public began to realize that she would give a lot to talk about in the upcoming years.

Already having a strong reputation for being a fashion chameleon, as she changed her looks every new era, Rihanna started to gain more attention due to the risks she took in the fashion world. Every time she was photographed on the street, Rihanna was wearing unusual sets that, a few days later, would be everywhere due to her enormous influence. It was the beggining of her history as a trend-setter.

"My tits bother you? They're covered in swarovski crystals."

In 2014, she took home the CFDA’s Fashion Icon Award and the look she wore for the ceremony is still remembered by everyone today. A Swarovski crystal covered naked dress made by Adam Selman, paired with a sparkly headpiece, a pink fur stole and no bra.

If there was still any doubt that the Fashion Icon award received in the previous year was well deserved, in 2015, Rihanna changed everyone's mind at the Met Gala. With the theme "China: Through the Looking Glass," she wore a long yellow gown, made by Guo Pei. The dress, which featured fur trim and a massive train, turned heads everywhere and become her biggest fashion moment to date. From this moment on, every year at the Met Gala, Rihanna's presence became one of the most anticipated.

Just one month after her most successful album released, she stepped in as creative director of the sportswear brand by creating Fenty x Puma. For the first time in years, fans were given the chance to dress like the star by purchasing her own creations.

Seems like the fashion world was just not enough for her so, in 2017,  after a break in her music career, Rihanna decides to invest in the beauty industry. The competition was already quite vast and some celebrities were also just launching their own brands, including Kylie Jenner and her Kylie Cosmetics line, but Rihanna showed that there was space for everyone and she had a lot to do.  The line caused immediate buzz due to its foundations, which featured 40 shades at the time of launch, allowing almost anyone, including women of color, to find their perfect match.

As she saw her beauty company growing by day, she decided to come back into the fashion world, this time with a new lingerie line. Savage x Fenty debuted in 2018 and ended its competition from the first moment. The shows included women of color, models with different body types, pregnant women and some performances by trending artists. Coincidentally, Victoria's Secret was going through a bankruptcy scandal at the same time and it seems like the public already got a new brand to replace them with.

Rihanna's biggest fashion achievement was arriving in 2019. In the beggining of the year, she collaborated with LVMH to launch Fenty, becoming the first woman of color to head up a high fashion house.
In a world where we can expect anything from this woman, everyone is excited to see what's coming next.

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